Diamond in the Rough

Lori L.

WESTERN:  Gina Montgomery is a single mom who runs a scrapbook store. Her life has changed very little in recent years - that is, until a tall drink of water by the name of Aiden Brackston strolls into her shop. He's a new hand on the Diamond Ranch and she can't seem to get enough of him. Things turn sideways, however, when a series of cattle rustlers begin to target the neighboring ranches, and secrets that a few locals would rather keep concealed are in danger of being exposed. Aiden has a few of his own and is beginning to think that Gina may be worth the risk of exposure.  She is dragged into a calamity that could ruin of all her hopes and dreams, her peaceful life may just need a hero by the name of Aiden to save it. 


Gina and Aiden clearly have a connection very early on and all though it is not the type of romance to move mountains, it is gradually pleasing, turning up the heat just when necessary and cooling it down accordingly. Occasionally Gina is a little too much of a victim, and Aiden is a little too sure of himself causing both characters to be very typical and repetitive, yet, if western romances with damsels in need of a cowboy is one's cup of tea this story will not disappoint. A combination of characters that really add an abundance of richness with a mystery and action, and an ending that will command one's attention with delight.


Margaret Faria