NEW ADULT:  After the death of her disturbed mother, Kate Smith does her best to lead a normal life.  It becomes anything but when she discovers her mother used her as a child to blackmail a TV celebrity.  She is now on the run. 


The only friend she can trust an older, married man with a particular fetish named Rob.  If things were not crazy enough, she rescues a teen runaway that makes them a trio. She has not only turned her own life upside down but that of everyone else around her. All she wants is be free of the pain her mother has caused and forget the past. She might be able to help Vickie and Rob as well, if the man hunting her doesn't find her first.


This story begins in a seedy and confusing environment where the characters meet up in what seems like a sexual tryst but is really a secret and kinky fetish-fest. This may intrigue and excite some readers and will undoubtedly disgust others. When Kate discovers horrific things from her past, the story really takes an interesting turn. 

However, a lot of needless information from characters regarding bodily functions which do not lend any necessity to the story are thrown in. The characters are estimable but their words speak louder than their actions and therefore lose a bit of their redeeming qualities.  The mystery in the story is the most intriguing and alluring part.  One must have a taste for stories that relish the taboos on societal morals and enjoy a colorful array of graphic language and sinful corruption in order to truly enjoy this book.  


Content warning: graphic language, pedophilia, lesbianism, caning, masturbation, and adultery included.


Margaret Faria