Deciding Fate


Hunter Simms has had to overcome a lot of hardships in life; losing his parents as a teen and raising his younger brother and sister was just the beginning.  He had to make a lot of tough decisions and doesnt regret any of them except one. Years ago, he made the wrong choice which made him lose Kate, the girl he has loved since second grade. His choice made her hate him though, and now Kate wants nothing to do with him. But when her brother needs help, and only Hunter can assist, will she forgive him? 


Told from the alternating point of views of both Kate and Hunter, "Deciding Fate" is a thrilling romance novel about choices and consequences and second chances. It starts off with Kate and Hunter reuniting in her parents cabin after years of not talking to each other when he rescues her, and from then on, despite everything that happens, the two of them grow closer together. Their relationship is not an "insta-love", but instead goes through a lot of ups and downs and is a huge bonus for this book. 


Hunter and Kate are intriguing characters. Hunter is brave and kind-hearted, and stubborn. Kate is hard-headed too, but at the same time shes also compassionate and caring. On their own, theyre all right, but together theyre like firecrackers, and something went wrong just about every other chapter, which kept the story engaging. With "Deciding Fate", author Tamra Lassiter has penned a top-notch second-chance romance with a hero and heroine any reader would love!


Majanka Verstraete