December Wedding


A novella conclusion to the “Once and Forever” series, Molly Harper and her true love Cruz Morales have faced many ups and downs during the course of their relationship. While Molly dodges the press and tries to keep up with her career, she’s also had to face family secrets and betrayal. Cruz has lost everything and had to go through hell to find himself again and be with Molly, but is Molly’s fame keeping them from going further?  Will they ever have the happily ever after they both crave?


"December Wedding" is a sweet story.  The press is out to get Molly and Cruz, who are trying to move past their family and health problems and be together. With Molly’s acting career coming between them there are plenty of ups and downs in this one short story. The material here could fill another full length novel, which means everything is a bit rushed. Additionally, this novella is not for everyone, as much of the content involving adoption, affairs, gay marriage, female pastors, and so on would not suit every reader’s taste. On the other hand, the story does successfully tie up the loose ends of Molly and Cruz’s romance while emphasizing the bond of family, which will make the reader sigh happily. Although not really a stand-alone novella, it is well conceived and worth the read.


Sarah E. Bradley