The Dead Still Here


“The Dead Still Here” is a powerful, eloquent collection of short stories. 

Short stories and novellas can be a mixed bag, especially when they are packaged as a collection.  Inevitably, there are one or two subpar entries, or the stories are simply too brief to remain memorable. However, flash fiction, short stories, and novellas have found a new niche in a society that digests so much of its content in short bursts.  It is rare to find a collection of stories written with such a beautiful and lyrical prose.  Each of these twelve stories is stunning in their own way. There is a melancholy connectivity binding them together, with a bit of dry or ironical humor tossed in as well. One story, "Prescriptions for Life", is laced with satirical wit and stands out despite its extreme brevity. 

The stories vary in length, and the author handles a myriad of topics, each one profound and thought provoking. They will strike a chord with anyone who has experienced loss or harbors a social conscience.  Raw, bold, and brutally honest, they will leave the literary reader dumbstruck with awe.  These are the kinds of stories that may be short but will compel one to savor them, absorbing the emotion, soaking in the power of the words, allowing them to make their intended impact on the mind, heart and soul. Readers will find this haunting collection of short stories to be quite memorable, indeed! Outstanding!

Julie Whiteley