Dating the Director


Director Millicent Sullivan and Hollywood heartthrob Chris Ryan are long-time protagonists. Twenty years ago, Millie overheard some insensitive comments Chris made while they were both working on a film. Since then, Millie has harbored her secret hurt and Chris has been clueless why she hates him. Now they both have a chance to improve their careers if they can set aside their differences and work together. Enter Skipper, Chris’s adorable corgi. Skipper might be the only one who can get these two to see the light. A trip to Chris’s hometown in Newfoundland for a photo shoot might be the location to bring these two together.

This book is one of the Celebrity Corgi series, a set of standalone books each featuring an adorable Corgi pup predominately in the story. “Dating the Director” has Skipper, an older Corgi who goes everywhere with his owner, Chris. Skipper doesn’t take much of an active role in bringing Millie and Chris together; rather it is his steadfast and quiet nature that draws Millie, and consequently Chris.  Both Millie and Chris have realistic insecurities. Events that Chris doesn’t even remember have left a permanent scar on Millie. Those feelings might resonate with many readers. All the characters are easy to relate to, especially Millie. The scenes did jump around a little in the middle and dialogue sometimes dragged the story. Those incidents were infrequent and overall, ”Dating the Director” is a delightful tale sure to engage the reader!

Emerson Mathews