Dating Cary Grant


Tracy Conner is not in a happy place in her marriage. She works in New York and is looking for an apartment closer to her job at the television studio. Her husband Mike is the mayor of a small town in Connecticut and he is more married to that city and its townspeople than to her. While looking for an apartment, she encounters an older spunky woman on a bike, is knocked down and hits her head. This is the beginning of her pain and some confusion. She is a huge old movie buff and while living in the new apartment, she encounters and is attracted to man named Phillip. Shes clear with him that shes married, and Philip lends his advice to Tracy and shows her compassion during her time of need.


Ms. Gamble has written a fun romance that is a quick and easy read. The continual reference to many old movies and the association of the characters in the story to old film stars is amusing. The true marriage of two people who have focused on their careers and lost track of the importance of marriage is truly relatable. The tug of war between husband and wife carries on a bit, but leaves readers curious how it will all pan out.  There were a few editing errors along the way, but "Dating Cary Grant" is  filled with humor and wit. The visits from movie stars in their afterlife were a fun treat that amuse and keep the story flowing.


Julie Caicco