Dante's Gift


WWII:  Kathleen James is in love with Dominic Lawrence. Despite their differences Kathleen hopes to build a real loving home with him, unlike the cold and formal one she grew up in. Unfortunately, after six months of preparation, Dominic’s plan for an intimate romantic dinner and proposal is interrupted when his Nonna Antonia calls with the news that his sister has died. Determined to bring his Nonna to live with him, Dominic underestimates Katie’s reaction to learning another woman will be under their roof. With memories of her own love that begun in the 40s during WWII, can Antonia’s story help bring Kathleen and Dominic back together for Christmas or will her mere presence drive the two apart permanently?

A sweet romance combining two love stories, “Dante’s Gift” features one contemporary romance with flashbacks to another historical romance set in Italy during end of WWII. Although the conflict itself is minor and easily resolved, and the ending is predictable and lacks any big twists or surprises, the romance itself has a good pace, and somehow sucks the reader in, making it worth the read if only because it will leave the reader sighing in pleasure. The ultimate Hallmark Channel romance, this is an excellent read for a bad day or a lazy afternoon.

Sarah E. Bradley