Daniel’s Decision (Emerald Springs Legacy #4)


Daniel Whitman has a mission: turn the Emerald Springs Retreat into an eco-friendly resort. His family isnt too keen on the idea, but he wont let that stop him. He heads to Australia and the world-famous and eco-friendly Kulang Resort. There he meets Rochelle Harris, and gets just a tiny bit off-track.


Rochelle, the Kulang Resort marketing manager, isnt too sure about Daniel. He seems like such a distraction, and she cant afford those. And yet, resisting him is far from a sure bet.


"Daniel's Decision" is a love story set in a fascinating world of a luxurious resort. Rochelle made something of herself and is very proud of it with good reason. Thats why she keeps trying to resist Daniel. Daniel knows the importance of working hard to get what he wants, but Rochelle manages to distract him. Seeing them fall for each other despite their strong wills is gratifying. However, there were some points in the story that couldve been improved upon: there is the dreaded misunderstanding that forces the lovers apart and the way that they were reunited which leaves something to be desired. While this is the fourth in the Emerald Springs Legacy series, it works pretty well as a stand-alone the only thing that could confuse the reader is the mystery thread, which is a part of the overall story arc. Nevertheless, it still makes for a charming read!


Ana Smith