Dangled Carat


MEMOIR:  Hilary is patiently waiting for her long-term boyfriend Marc to propose. The problem is, after four years he still isn't showing any sign of ever popping the question. So, at a New Year's Eve party their friends decide to intervene and begin an engagement for them. Hilary goes along with the charade but down deep she is devastated that her fear of never getting married is becoming a reality. Against advice from all her friends she has stuck by Marc waiting and hoping he'll make that commitment. After the pretend engagement fiasco, Hilary is afraid she has pushed Marc further away but she can't wait forever.


Hilary is relatable in so many ways! Her heartfelt story of wanting to get married and trying her best to be patient is very real and the reader can truly connect with her on an emotional level.  Marc is extremely set in his ways but is also kind and loving. At times there are too many details and introspection causing the reader's attention to wane slightly. Told in an endearing and easy way that's both comforting and familiar, the author shares her experiences like one would share them with friends. Igniting the fire of girlfriends with commitment-phobic boyfriends everywhere.  Just like love and life has its ups and downs and occasionally spinning out of control, the journey is one worth taking. An especially appealing book for those fans of the chick lit and/or womens lit genres. 


Margaret Faria