Cut and Run (Aspen Eyes Series #1)


Rebecca Sheehan is taking a temporary refuge from her life in South Boston by secretly visiting her brother in Jackson, Wyoming. When the opportunity arises to take a job on a horse ranch, she jumps at the chance to become a wrangler. Loving everything about her job, except for her arrogant boss Alec Westin, she soon settles in. However, a chance encounter with Alec’s quadriplegic father has Rebecca rethinking her opinion of Alec. Her dislike for him soon turns to admiration with one big hitch - she’s falling hard for him. When she receives threats from an unknown assailant, Rebecca must decide how much she’s willing to risk.  


This first book in the “Aspen Eyes” series stands alone with an easy progressive pace to the romance. With the beautiful backdrop of a Wyoming horse ranch, the reader follows Rebecca’s journey from distrust to love, trust, and devotion. The main characters are well developed and likeable, but their age difference is disconcerting. A twelve-year span is not unheard of; however, it is unsettling when the female is a teenager. In addition, Rebecca’s behavior was much more mature than her age level, and scenes where an underage teenager is permitted to drink alcohol might also be upsetting. Despite these issues, the plot is well written with enough twists and turns to keep one engaged. With a good mixture of suspense, ranch life, and romance, this novel will appeal to readers of many genres.


Janna Shay