Custom Made for You (Coulee Bluff series Book 1)


Fleeing the fallout of her father’s cheating scandal, Ava Wellington accepts a nanny job for the summer in her mother’s hometown of Coulee Bluff. Being a nanny is a far cry from the fancy marketing job she’s done in her father’s company, but it might just give her room to find herself again away from her father’s disapproval and plummeting reputation. Falling for the father of her charge never factored into her plans. Kruz Tanner knows all about plans falling through. The sudden appearance of his young daughter in his life is only one example. But one look at Ava and he finds himself making plans to take her fishing and convince her to stay for more than just the summer. Dating someone from out of town is usually asking for heartbreak, but just this once, he’s hoping his luck has taken a turn for the better.

A light and quick contemporary romance with a determined redheaded politician’s daughter, and a hot tattooed biker, this book is full of sizzling potential. The romance between Ava and Kruz begins on the first page and pushes quickly through with only a couple of hiccups at the end. With a vaguely YA or NA style to the writing, the story relies on telling most of the plot with some predictable conflicts thrown in. While it could be smoother and show more, fans looking for a quick contemporary read will enjoy the connection between Ava and Kruz which is foregone from the beginning and ends on a high note!

Sarah E Bradley