Cursed Soldier

Laura Lee

During the Civil War, Confederate soldier Benjamin makes a simple decision that leads to a curse that keeps him trapped on earth unable to die. One hundred fifty years later, his search for a way to break the curse leads him back to Gettysburg and a collection in a forgotten storage building.  

Alexandria knows everything about the Civil War - more so than even her boss - so when Ben comes to help her sort the collection, she is astonished by his ability to know things even she doesn’t.  Even though he is drawn to Alex, Ben knows he can’t get close to her or he will risk discovery, but is the answer to curse right in front of him? Or will his search continue?

“Cursed Soldier”  is a fascinating exploration of the civil war with a paranormal twist. Alex and Ben are an excellent couple, drawn together slowly over mutual interest and not by insta-love or only physical attraction, leaving the romance to build slowly but strongly.  Although Alex’s almost compulsory fascination with her Great-Grandmother’s love life is never really explained, the result will leave the reader glad they picked up this work. The only downside is the way the curse is broken which is slightly anti-climactic. However, historical fans will love the exploration of history from a modern point of view while still showing the thoughts of a Civil War soldier and the ones they left behind. A great read!

Sarah E Bradley