A Cowboy's Midnight Kiss: Romancing Griffin Stone


Cassidy is newly divorced and looking for a new start. Not really close to her own family, her friend, Liz, offers a month in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she and her daughter have a timeshare rental. Having nothing better to do, and no house to live in, she packs up and heads to the unknown. Griffin never planned on staying at the family ranch forever - he had plans. However, after their father died, he couldn't say no to running things, or to taking care of his sister in law and their kids for his brother while he was deployed. He also never planned on enjoying buying, fixing, and selling or renting property, either.

Short, sweet yet steamy, and a man in cowboy boots—is there anything better in the life of a reader? Griffin is a lovable, good man, the kind one can curl up with in front of a fire. His outright honesty in everything he says and does is inspiring in a hero. Cassidy is wounded and realistically portrayed, and even with a few missteps along the way, never loses readers’ empathy. Together they are amazing and their relationship, though an instant love at first sight kind, does not feel fake or forced. The descriptions of Jackson Hole during the holidays, and the warm characters that make up Griffin and Cassidy's world create a deeply rich story, but one short enough to consume quickly. A perfect story for the upcoming holidays, readers should not pass up the opportunity to grab this tale.

Julie York