A Cowboy for Christmas (A Callahan Novella)


Reid Callahan is a champion bull rider and has avoided returning to his home town after that fateful day he talked his best friend, Zeke into one last ride - the one that ended Zeke’s life. Reid blames himself for not doing more to prevent his friend’s death, and he’s not the only one. Zeke’s wife Lucy blames him, too. Reid can’t avoid his home town forever, so he returns for the holidays to find that Lucy no longer blames him, and that she has a 3 year old son…a son his father never even knew about.

Reid has always been in love with Lucy, even when she was married to his BFF. Now that Zeke is gone, and her anger at him has dissipated…maybe, just maybe they can explore the feelings growing between them. It’s been three years since Lucy kicked him out of her husband’s funeral, so are these feelings true or is this possibly just a holiday fling? Will Lucy still want him when she finds out about his plans to participate in a tribute to his best friend?

New book boyfriend alert! Reid is a hot, sexy cowboy that will leave one with heart palpatations. Lucy’s son Zeke is adorable, and the interactions between Reid and the boy are heart melting. The romance between Reid and Lucy takes awhile to heat up, but once it does, hold on to your hat! Ms. Fisher-Davis does a wonderful job with the depth of these characters, considering the length of the story. Sit back, relax with a cup of Joe, and fall in love with Reid, Lucy and Zeke!

Lynne Bryant