Social outcast and nerdy software mogul Xavier Gaines is on the verge of securing a huge government contract, which would net his company mega bucks. To help with his public image he enlists the talent of media relations expert Peyton Smoke. During the interview, Peyton realizes she knows Xavier from high school. A victim of  senseless bullying in school, Xavier carries close to his heart the memory of the effervescent and popular Peyton Smoke. Her kindness to him has not been forgotten.

This book has great character development, and draws the reader in from the get-go. It is a refreshing change to have a confident and strong heroine paired with a socially awkward hero. Peyton’s first order of business on the job is helping Xavier (aka‘X’) overcome his social anxiety issues. The poor rich guy, perceived as cold and uncaring not only by the business world but by his own employees, needs Peyton to work miracles on this public relations nightmare. Over the course of time, Xavier develops strong feelings for Peyton and in turn, she falls for him. When it becomes too hard to delineate business from personal, the two decide to kick things up a notch.

That’s when the story shifts to the horizontal, (pun intended) and seemingly non-stop sex. It is difficult to fathom a man with severe social phobia being such an experienced stud in the boudoir, but hey, this is fiction and anything can happen.  Except for the extreme overuse of ellipsis, which can be cleaned up with a little editing, it is a very enjoyable read!  The book is solidly written, with a steady pace and excellent story line.

Layne Lancaster