Cop on Her Doorstep


All that Jake Stefani wanted was to be a policeman so when he is placed on administrative leave, life as he knows it seems to crumble around him. Until he comes face to face with his neighbor, Carrie Padilla. 


Carrie lost her husband when he was shot by a policeman – the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time. So when Jake appears on her doorstep with her errant son, memories of how the man she loved died come flooding back. The problem is, she cannot stop the attraction she also feels for Jake, who stands for the very thing that took her happiness away.


This novel is close to perfection! The reader will enjoy the verbal sparring between Jake and Carrie. The flow of the story, the dialogue between the two is as seductive as what happens in the bedroom.  The author’s way of writing is as sensual as her play with words.  The exchange between the two lovers is literally like two moths dancing around a flame. 

A wonderful read, this is a novel that one is likely to read again and again and still fall in love as though it was the first time. A highly recommended novel for those who like to read about swoon-worthy men in uniform and excellent writing.


M.P. Ceja