Confessions of a Glamour Girl

Kirsten S.

Lily Astor has always been looked upon as a rich, entitled daddy’s girl, a stereotype that is not accurate and one she is determined to rise above. So she lands a job and works to launch her own brand of vintage fashion.  She is willing to work hard, but her incredibly suave and debonair older boss is a distraction she is finding impossible to ignore. Jackson Roberts noticed Lily the minute she walked into the building, but she is his employee and the age difference is noticeable, so he determines never to let his attraction be known. As time progresses, however, and Lily proves herself as not only a talented worker, but a kind and loving person, his resolve weakens.  How can he have a relationship with the woman he is realizing he does not want to live without?

As an age-gap romance, this story is both exciting and endearing! Lily is a wonderfully sympathetic character that is easy to love. Jackson is the perfect Cary Grant-style older man that women dream of, and the fact that he’s determined to take the high-ground makes him even more attractive. The downside to this delightful romp is that it brushes over so many plot points with so little understanding. Large chunks of time pass from one scene to the next with things having happened that readers are never in on, but suddenly have to accept. So many important points in the story are never explored enough to understand and add the depth needed for this to be a truly great read.  Still, as a light, easy get-away, it is a delightfully enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Ruth Lynn Ritter