The Confection Connection


Carly Pipers dream of opening her own bakery has come to pass, but its putting her in debt. The answer to her troubles is in winning the contract to make the cakes for the celebrity wedding of the year. Her biggest rival, Michael Welch, is also vying for the spot. After appearing with him on a reality cooking show that turned into a fiasco, Carly wants nothing to do with him. However, when the celebrity bride assumes Carly and Michael are a couple and wants them both to make the cakes for her wedding, Carly has no recourse but to agree to a ruse of a fake relationship. The problem is that the fake relationship is starting to seem very real. 


This contemporary romance is an often-told tale of two people faking a relationship, but the icing on the cake is that it is a love-hate romance with sugary confection. The well-developed characters are engaging with the chemistry between the protagonists hot enough to catch the pages on fire! Filled with love, humor, and witty dialogue, this feel-good, lighthearted read takes the adage stay out of the kitchen if you cant take the heatto a completely new level. The fast pace and smaller subplots that are sprinkled throughout the story keep the pages turning as one follows the characters on their road to happily ever after. This delightful love story with its well-written plot flows smoothly and unfettered and has interesting characters with scorching hot chemistry making it not only a sit on the edge of your seatnovel, but also a sweet and fun must read.  


Janna Shay