Coming Home (The Santa Monica Trilogy #2)


Logan and Grace were college sweethearts; separated when Grace decided to leave to live in New York with the father she’d never met, leaving Logan behind. Confused about their break up, not knowing why Grace left, Logan tries to move on, burying himself in his work and building a successful career. Years later, Grace returns to Los Angeles to recover from an abusive relationship and a nasty divorce along with the scandal she was thrust into by association with her husband. Hardened and jaded by her experiences, she never expected Logan to be the one restore her faith in love. When Logan sees Grace again, he realizes he’s never stopped loving her and decides this time she’s not getting away.


Ms. Blake writes a wonderful second-chance romance with fleshed-out characters, a tender love story, and a well-developed storyline, despite being a shorter read. Her depiction of the struggles Grace faces trying to move on from an abusive relationship, and Logan’s determination to help her do just that, will touch and inspire readers, especially those who have experienced similar maltreatment. The pacing was wonderful, resulting in a gripping story that pulls readers in, not letting go until the very end. Although it is part of a series, readers will be happy to know that “Coming Home” reads well as a stand-alone and has a wonderful HEA ending. 


Molly S. Daniels