On a City Street: A Becker Family Novel


Veterinarian Carolyn Becker is a pleaser, living what looks like a perfect life in her suburban hometown. She practically grew up with her fiancé and her parents love him. When she discovers he is cheating on her, though, she decides a major change is in order. Carolyn packs her bags and moves to St. Louis for a fresh start in the city.

Carolyn finds working in a low-cost clinic rewarding, but her life gets complicated very quickly. She has trouble convincing her clients to neuter their pets. A troubled teen shows up with an injured dog he cannot keep, so Carolyn takes both under her wing. In communicating with the Latino clients, Carolyn’s high-school Spanish is of little help. A mysterious man who has been hanging around the clinic comes to the rescue. Although Carolyn finds herself attracted to the handsome Rio, she is offended by his cold manner and harsh words.

The author accurately portrays what life is like in an inner city, complete with all its inherent problems. The weaknesses lie in characterization. Certain aspects may stretch the limits of credibility for some readers. For example, Carolyn remains a virgin at 28, even though she is to marry a "lifelong" boyfriend. Yet, the reader soon finds out she has “been on birth control for years.” Rio’s character is unpredictable and somewhat clichéd. His actions do not always make sense. To her credit, the author does create a very realistic world in which these characters live, and one in which the reader is easily immersed. “On a City Street” would make a great Hallmark movie. 

FS Brown