Christmas in Shotgun Ridge: Small Town Holiday Romance (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge Book 8)


Shotgun Ridge, Montana. A stubborn, independent woman running her own ranch—that’s Cherry Peyton. Although she lives in a close-knit community, Cherry remains aloof. A widow with a dark past, she’s determined not to allow the town’s busybodies, including her uncle, play matchmaker. Her neighbor, however, has different ideas. Clay Callahan has had his eyes on Cherry for quite a while. He is gorgeous and breeds horses worth millions, so what’s not to love? Yet Cherry keeps her distance until the day she is injured by one of her livestock. Clay makes up his mind then and there to step in and help maintain her ranch. It is Christmastime, when emotional defenses are at their most vulnerable. With this sexy millionaire right there in her own home, waiting on her hand and foot, how can Cherry resist his charm?

This fast-paced tale drops the reader right into the action, at the moment when the bull takes Cherry down with Clay watching from the next pasture. From here, the story flows smoothly, other than the author’s unfortunate similar name choices: Cherry, Clay, and Chance, which risks reader confusion. There are several instances of misused words: “bridal” instead of the correct term, “bridle,” indicates a lack of research. The conflict keeping the couple apart is weak. There is, however, a heart-melting tidbit from Uncle Ozzie talking to a photo of his late wife, asking if she might help bring a Christmas miracle to his niece’s life. Overall, characterization is strong. The pacing is spot on. The love scenes are tastefully and emotionally written. A definite feel-good holiday read.

FS Brown