Christmas in Ghost Gum Springs


After inheriting a small fortune from her grandmother, Diana decides to take an adventure during the Christmas holiday. Hoping to get a taste of big city delights and meet a version of Hugh Jackman, she leaves her small hometown in Montana and heads to Australia.  After experiencing a tragic aftermath to one his courtroom cases, Connor takes a break from his career to run a pub in Ghost Gum Springs for a honeymooning friend. On his way back to Ghost Gum Springs, he finds Diana on the side of the road next to her broke down rental car. Their attraction to each other is immediate, but her troubled small town past makes it hard for him to win her trust. 

Ms. Nicole Flockton gives readers a nice cozy holiday romance. However, she employs a much used trope which lacks in originality. The main characters have an attraction to each other, although it isn’t clear why they fall in love. The dialogue begs for more banter and less internal conversation. The description of the small town and scenery of Australia does not transport the reader, though the small-town characters are humorous and familiar. Readers will find the plot’s pace is just right for a holiday read in a nice easy chair with a hot cup of cocoa. Ms. Flockton uses internal conflict, a glimpse of tragedy, just enough sexual desire, and a nice bit of holiday cheer to provide a happily ever after readers may find relaxing enough to relieve a little holiday stress.

pastedGraphic.pngTonya Mathenia