Christmas Ever After


Being dubbed a runaway bride and having your face splashed about the tabloids can really put a damper on the holidays. Lottie had more than enough reason for calling off her wedding but it’s not anything she’s willing to talk to the papers about. BFF to the rescue! Lottie’s best friend, Sophie, comes to her aid and offers the family manor as a hiding place until things settle down. 

Rafe has loved Lottie for a very long time so when his sister offers his manor for a refuge, he worries how he’ll be able to handle being alone with her for the holidays. He’s a man who’s been loved for nothing but his money and title and though he knows Lottie isn’t interested in either, she’s much too beautiful to be with a man who’s regularly described as a beast.

Simply put, “Christmas Ever After” is charming, clean, and beautiful! This spin on Beauty and the Beast is tidy, consistent, yet refreshing. If one is excited to get in the holiday spirit, this novel is a great way to do it!  Dixon’s descriptions elicit thoughts of Christmas trees, delicious treats, carols, and snow-covered postcard settings. Her lovely love story goes hand in hand with a cuddle under a cable-knit afghan in front of a roaring fire with a hand-warming cup of tea. Cheers!

Sofia St. Angeles