Christmas Chemistry: Forever Christmas in Glenville, Book 3


Gina packed up her life after her father’s death and moved to Glenville in order to help her mother and siblings. What she did not expect was to fall in love with the small town and its people. Owen lives his life in Phoenix, running his own law practice and staying away from his family as much as possible. But when his sister tells him of his mother’s declining health, Owen flies back to Glenville to help her. When Gina and Owen’s paths cross at the lodge Gina manages, the two never expected to discover that their families have a very interesting and intertwined past. As the two try to untangle decades of family history, they also must untangle their feelings for one another.

With the magical snowy Christmas setting and love brewing throughout, “Christmas Chemistry” is a great book to pick up during the holiday season. Gina and Owen are the perfect, sweet leads one comes to expect in a romance story, and with some character development they begin to become more than two-dimensional characters. However, the emotion and drive behind the characters lacks depth and development, which may cause some readers to be unable to fully connect with the story. Although some of the plotlines feel a little forced or out of place, the overall reading experience is enjoyable, with a satisfying, tied-in-a-nice-little-bow ending. For readers who love to devour a good Hallmark Christmas movie, they will not be disappointed by this cute Christmas tale.

Amy Cefoldo