Christmas by Candlelight (Seasons of Love)

Lori Leger, Kim Hornsby, Trish F. Leger
Karen Sue Burns, Carmine Valentine

Who doesn’t love a Christmas story? For those who do, five Christmas stories in one volume can't possibly be beat! From heartache to new-found love, suspense to second chances, “Christmas by Candlelight” delivers it all in a big red bow and tops it off with a sprinkle of holiday cheer.  Santa’s got his work cut out for him with each of these couples. While Cat and Zachary hope for a new addition to the family, Daria finds love where she least expects it. Lance wishes for a second chance with Simone, and Jake hopes Cara will make room in her heart for him. Finally, to top it off, one harrowing adventure throws RJ and Claire together in a snowed-in cabin. And a partridge in a pear tree!


This Christmas anthology would be a wonderful addition to the stack of books brought out each holiday season to be read over and over again. The stories are reminiscent of a relay race. Lori Leger’s “Baby Blues Christmas”— the best of the bunch—rockets out of the blocks like a shot and it’s amazing how she fits what feels like an awesome full-sized novel into such a small package. Each successive story contributes to an anthology fit for a cozy day in front of a crackling fire until Carmine Valentine’s “One Step Over the Mistletoe Line” comes around the final turn with a nail-biting window-steamer that lunges gloriously over the finish line. Way to go ladies, high five!


Sofia St. Angeles