Child of Mine (The Masonville Series Book 1)


When Lauren Walsh returned to her hometown of Masonville, North Dakota, she expected it to be as a newly single woman, not a new widow. Fed up with Billy’s cheating through their five years of marriage, Lauren wanted him out of her life, but not dead.  Seeking refuge from the endless stream of sympathizers extolling the virtues of her cheating dead husband, Lauren finds herself in the corner of the pasture she frequented with Billy and his brother, Cole.  And she is not alone. Cole has come to seek his own refuge as well. As the old friends turn to each other for comfort, passion erupts between them and a few months later, Lauren finds out she is pregnant with Cole’s baby.  When news of Lauren’s pregnancy reaches the town rumor mill, everyone assumes the baby is Billy’s.  When Cole realizes the truth, he immediately proposes marriage — but is his proposal based on a sense of duty, or something more?

This sweet, small town book is full of honest, straightforward characters. Cole and Lauren are both complex and fully drawn characters. Unfortunately, most of the drama in this plot comes from misunderstanding and assumptions between Cole and Lauren, which often undermines their positive romantic tension.  The external drama in the form of Mia, an office pot-stirrer, is overdone to the point of being unbelievable. However, Cole and Lauren are stubborn and their persistence is inspiring.  The community of Masonville is heartwarming and cozy with inhabitants that are truly enjoyable.  Readers will want to return to Masonville time and time again and will look forward to the next installment in the series!

Elissa Blabac