Chasing the Painted Skies

Ryan Jo

Raven Koynes lives on a remote island on Lake Superior. She has called this home for that last five years. Complete solitude, with only her brother bringing her supplies each month, is just how she likes it. Now, Sebastian Knight a well-known photographer, is expected for a visit to take photos and she does not like it one bit. The Coast Guard owns the property and light tower so she is obliged to host him until his work is done. Raven’s plan to hide out and close her heart off for good is suddenly in question when the handsome and thoughtful Sebastian piques her interest and comes to her aid on more than one occasion. Can Sebastian survive the thorns that this rose is wearing or will she finally see that all men are not horrible and can be trusted?

“Chasing the Painted Skies” is a deftly written paranormal tale that is realistic and believable in today’s world. The subtleness of the shape shifting and the perfect timing of the ghost Madeline, make this story unique and a pleasant clean read. Some editing errors are present and when corrected, this will be a fantastic read. The characters have deep scars that both the hero and heroine are not quite ready to deal with. The friendship that grows and trust that is earned is a common thread throughout. The vivid details Ms. Summers has created evoke images that will dance in readers' minds long after the last chapter. The comparison of Raven and a rose is spot on!

Viola Robins