Chaos Theory (Nerds of Paradise Book 2)


Flower shop owner Melody Clutterback has a cheerful disposition and a resolve to win the heart of Will Darling, the sexy engineer who happens to be a rigid perfectionist and doesn’t know how to relax and enjoy life. When their employers team them up in the company’s orienteering competition, Will’s purposeful and focused life becomes chaotic due to Melody’s vivacious demeanor and sexy manner. With their fiercely competitive dispositions, their synergy doesn’t run smoothly and threatens their success, until their mutual attraction magnetizes and helps them become a cohesive unit that alters their lives. 

Although this "opposites attract" love story is the second edition in the “Nerds of Paradise” series, it stands alone and treats the reader to a delightfully created tale that will hold their interest from the first to the last page. There are some editing issues, but they in no way detract from the appeal of this deliciously smexy read. Containing engaging characters that are likeable and realistic, a plot that flows smoothly, and witty dialogue that raises the spirit, it dazzles the reader, charms the senses, and leaves one with a smile. 

Adventure abounds and spices this journey to happily ever after, along with electric chemistry, smart banter, and smoking love scenes, which grab the reader and deliver a marvelously sparkling gem that is a boon to any library!

Janna Shay