Chaos in the Kitchen (My Sexy Chef, #2)

Susan Jean

As the second installment of their sexy story opens, Mark Bouchard and Malibu O’Hare’s relationship is heating up. They can’t keep their hands off each other. As they venture further into their relationship, a wave of unexpected situations puts their partnership to the test. Facing the challenges every normal couple face is difficult enough, add in the extra stress and it’s a recipe for chaos. Can they stay together and beat the odds when life appears to have other plans?


The sequel to “My Sexy Chef”, this book is as erotic as the first. Story development was good; however there was a noticeable difference between the flow of this book compared to the first which was a little disappointing. Character development on the other hand was excellent as the two main characters develop further into their relationship. Bouchard is one of those characters that will make the reader drool and wish he was doing more than cooking for them. The heat and passion between these two characters is immense and incredibly sexy and the book is a true page turner with good dialogue, if a little repetitive at times. Susan Jean Ricci has written a very racy series that shows great promise and will have readers fanning themselves with their e-reader.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick