Chances (Oak Creek Book 1)


Haley Redmon’s whole life focuses on her animals. Any man interested in her must love her dogs just as much as she does, which doesn’t seem like a problem at first when handsome real estate broker, Austin Young, moves to Oak Creek. Sparks are flying and everything seems fine between the pair until Haley brings a destructive new puppy home with a taste for Italian leather. When tempers flare and their fragile relationship is tested, Haley and Austin find themselves having to decide if two different people are better together or apart.

“Chances” is a tale geared toward animal lovers, specifically dog lovers, as Haley is all about pets, with the added fun being Austin is all about Haley. An argument leads to a breakup, but lingering feelings call for a second chance, which makes this plot all passion. The conflict is focused on misunderstandings and the main characters feelings, which makes this a vibrant read emotionally, but almost novella-like in terms of development, depth, and execution. Although the lack of story to explore is made up for by the tension and flirting between the leads which simmers so thickly their breakup feels like a momentary hurdle and sparks are inevitable. As a result, the story is quickly read and easy to enjoy with a great deal of puppy love thrown in for readers and pet lovers to adore.

Sarah E Bradley