Celebrity Status


Elizabeth Stanfield is an actress who has fame, fortune, and a glittering lifestyle full of parties, a hot fiancé, and a best friend who produces and directs movies; but not all that glitters is gold. Her best friend, Billy Stone, also dabbles with the local organized crime, her fiancé isn’t being faithful, and the studio head and director of her latest movie are determined to see her fall. Being famous has its advantages, but can love survive in a world where everyone is pretending to be someone else? With their celebrity status paving the way, Elizabeth and Billy should be ready to make the movie they want, but stars rise and fall, and if they don’t work quickly, this time it could be Elizabeth who loses it all.

An astounding contemporary romance with a few twists that will leave the reader stunned, “Celebrity Status” reads like a slice-of-life piece that gives Hollywood a different edge. Although the beginning is abrupt, dropping the reader right into the already highly successful life of Elizabeth Stanfield, the smooth pace and exciting story will keep the reader gripped to the page, despite the web of plot threads, and side characters that blur together. The romance itself is full of ups and downs but feels natural as two long-time friends come together. While the plot occasionally leaves the reader with no idea where it’s going, it never fails to entertain, as Elizabeth gives as good as she gets in the same dramatic fashion as in many tv dramas. Overall, fans of “Empire”, “Nashville” and “Scandal” will find this book a must read.

Sarah E Bradley