Catch Me if I Fall (The Kim Brothers #1)


INTER-RACIAL/MULTI-CULTURAL:  Kasi is a woman very much scarred by her past and the loss of the one person that meant the world to her. Two years after that fateful event and, upon her therapist’s behest, Kasi attends a support group where she meets Jai Kim. Jai has also lost someone close to him. To get his bearings, he establishes a support group for those who have lost someone, knowing all too well how difficult it was not to be able to talk to someone about the pain and guilt experienced by the one left behind. When these two fractured souls meet, their catharsis becomes the impetus of their relationship.

In this story of pain and healing, Ms. Blake conquers the universal feelings people go through after the loss of a loved one.  There are a plethora of ways to show a character’s emotions. It can be a song triggering a memory or just the mere thought of a loved one.  In this case we see little more than tears. Aren’t there more ways one can show how a person is broken? In this instance, the readers need to see that.  Sadly, because of this, the succeeding chapters of the novel do not endear one to Kasi because it read as though it bordered on the melodramatic. Still, the healing and the love is portrayed realistically and flowed at a pace that is believable. And, ultimately allows for healing while leaving a soft spot in the heart.

M.P. Ceja