Catalina and the Winter Texan


Manuel Batista is a contractor that comes to Texas seeking respite from the chilly winter winds of Chicago. Deciding to vacation at an R.V. park seems like the perfect way to unwind, until he meets the park's owner, Catalina Reyes, and relaxing becomes the last thing on his mind! Having sacrificed everything for her dream of running the park, Cat is backed into a corner trying to fight inflated property taxes, overzealous developers and a dwindling cash flow. She reluctantly accepts Manny's offer to help. Unable to deny their attraction for long, and not wanting a fling, can Manny convince Cat that love is worth the risk in spite of the obstacles between them?


"Catalina and The Winter Texan" is an enchanting story about a second chance at love. Manny and Cat are incredibly relatable; two salt-of-the-earth people who almost let their trust issues, ego, and pride tear them apart. One can't help but feel like they know these two! Ms. Roman has woven a refreshing tale, giving the reader insight on mature love. The one drawback in this story comes from the overwhelming lust that may come across as a tad unbelievable in two long-widowed people. Nevertheless, the reader will be delighted by this fun and flirty story. Kudos to Ms. Roman for the reminder that as long as one has a spark, one can still start a fire!


Chantel Hardge