The Captain and the Queen


In the heart of New Orleans, Baxter Edwards, the captain of the Sancus Mardi Gras Carnival Krewe, is determined to keep his krewe afloat in these harsh economic times. With membership declining, and small krewes like Sancus being overrun by the bigger and flashier krewes, Baxter needs a new draw.  He brings in a celebrity, Lyle Alexander to be king of the Sancus Krewe. However, conflict stirs when he chooses his best friend’s college-age daughter, Claire Boudreaux as the queen. Despite the financial burden, Claire’s father insists she serve as queen, not expecting that his mature daughter and lonely friend would make the theme of the krewe “Love is in the Air” a reality.


A delicious contemporary romance, “The Captain and the Queen” focuses on the romance between Claire and Baxter and the conflict that arises between family and friends over their age difference and their positions in life. Despite the gap, the romance is sweet and smooth, sweeping the reader up and making them wish they too could meet someone like Baxter and Claire. The exploration of the world of Carnival is particularly interesting and gives colorful insights for those not raised in New Orleans. 


Overall, this is a fantastic read for contemporary romance fans that should absolutely top a to-read list!


Sarah E. Bradley