Caleb’s Song (Rockstar Redemption Book 1)


Caleb Roman once had it all. Fame, women, money and the prestige that went with being a rockstar. Everything changed overnight, and he now lives in seclusion. Gabby Bianchi is starting out after her life fell apart. She goes back to Beryl Creek to run a family bakery and help out with her family. Caleb decides to head to the small town for a break. Given his history, he opts to lie about who he really is. What he didn’t expect is to meet a woman who can bring him back to life again. Somehow, word gets out and the paparazzi descend on the town. Gabby discovers who Caleb really is and that he lied to her. Will she be able to forgive him for the deception? Or will she take a chance at happiness?

Kathleen Ryder has written a beautiful story about two people who have had difficult lives. The story explores how people can overcome the difficulties life throws at them and find lasting love. The emotions of the characters jump off the page drawing the reader in. A few places in the story the plot slows down, leaving the reader wishing for a more thorough edit to add some depth. Readers, however, will enjoy the love scenes which ripple with passion and love. Reading “Caleb’s Song” offers an excellent way to spend a night curled up on the sofa and a good start to the “Rockstar Redemption” series.  Readers will look forward to seeing where the books go from here and what other characters are waiting in the wings.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick