Broken Wide Open


When Grace catches her husband of three hours with her Maid of Honor, she has to get away, and ends up travelling to Bora Bora for her honeymoon by herself. While there, she meets handsome hunk Leo, a marine biologist. Leo is very interested in Grace and makes a point of inviting her to join him in his daily treks. At first she is reluctant, because she is still married to Craig until she can have the marriage annulled. But then again, she’s just cultivating a platonic friendship with Leo. After she gets back, Grace gets a job as a restaurant/hotel manager. The owner, Len, is quite personable and he lets her know that his son helps at the resort. She can hardly believe her ears when she hears a familiar voice in the restaurant!

Emotions run high in this first-rate piece penned by Ms. Griscom. She amply captures Grace's broken heart when she is betrayed by her cheating husband. Leo runs a whole gambit of feelings while courting Grace since he is also fighting the demons of his childhood. Grace matures throughout the piece; in the beginning, she runs away from her problems. Eventually she learns to cope with her difficulties by coming back to them, ready for a resolution. Only later is it revealed that there is much more deception and even more heartbreak in this story than is ever imagined. A story of love, loss, and love renewed, this is a beautiful novel set against a gorgeous backdrop of the beaches of BoraBora and California. 

Belinda Wilson