Border Affair (On the Border #2)


Camila Villarreal has always aspired to make it as a barrel racer on the rodeo circuit. But after an unforeseen accident during an event results in a broken leg, Camila goes home to her family's South Texas ranch to recuperate. With her return to the rodeo questionable, Camila sets her sights on training Charro horses to help make money for the ranch. When her father's long time business partner Rusty offers to assist her with the horse training, sparks fly between Camila and the much older man. She's had a crush on Rusty since she was twelve years old and finally, the feeling is mutual. Worried about what their relationship might mean and plagued with insecurities about the direction they're heading in, can Camila and Rusty bridge the age gap between them? 


The second book in the On the Border series, “Border Affair” is a captivating tale with an unconventional love story and strong character development. Although the book could use a glossary of terms considering how heavily Spanish is used, Hebby Roman gives readers more of what we love; her rich prose breathes life into the land of south Texas and creates a distinct aura of absolute realism. While there is undeniable chemistry between Camila and Rusty despite their age difference, Camila’s sulky and petulant behavior will have one feeling sorry for the long-suffering Rusty. Altogether this is a thoroughly enjoyable book with a terrific plot and beautiful Texas imagery, a tale not to be missed!


Chantel Hardge