Blush:The Crescent Lake Winery Series Book 3


Peyton is working the job she loves at the Crescent Lake Winery’s tasting room. She absolutely adores the wines and sharing them with the visitors who visit the New York Finger Lakes area winery weekly. Her knowledgeable flavor descriptors and food pairing suggestions boost her sales every shift. The Price family owns the vineyards and winery. A particularly handsome sibling, Jack, of the Price family is Peyton’s old high school flame.  When he left to go to Napa, California, without a word, it broke her heart. Will the assault on her as a teenager change Peyton’s life forever? Can Jack and Peyton pick up where their hearts left off, or will certain secrets taint their relationship moving forward?

“Blush” is overflowing with lovable characters and what else? Wine! The setting for Blush is painted by Ms. Race with detailed descriptors of foods and wines that readers can taste while reading the words. The complex relationships portrayed by family and lovers will draw readers in and not relent until the finish. This book stands alone, however as it is book three in this series, readers will get a better picture of all the characters (family members and friends) by reading the previous installments. Some predictability and the past relationship rekindling is not an original theme, however, readers will absolutely adore everything about “Blush”!

Viola Robbins