Black Poodle Over Seven Hills


When Sourbette offers to transport a pedigree poodle for a free trip to Seattle, she gets more than she bargains for when the owner's cousin turns up and makes her an offer she can't refuse. Timothy is attracted to Sourbette and immediately offers to show her around the city. Things get interesting when Sourbette's missing luggage turns up in the city and starts to mess with her life. Will Sourbette and Timothy give into their feelings for one another?

This is a feel-good read that even those who are not dog lovers will enjoy! The characters are full and well written and the story moves at an even pace, despite the book being a little too short. There were times when it felt that things were being crammed in in order to keep to a certain page count. Other than that, the book was enjoyable with a cute poodle thrown in. "Black Poodle Over Seven Hills" is a short, fun read that will send a warm feeling through the heart of the reader and bring some poodle-involved fun. Despite the short length, the book was a lovely read with an engaging plot.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick