The Billionaire’s (Not So) Fake Engagement (Benton Brother’s Romance #5)


Sometimes the biggest lives can be lived in the smallest towns. Sentimental, soft-hearted Justine from Piney Falls, California, appreciates the quiet life. In fact, her only complaint about her quaint hometown is the lack of eligible bachelors. Burke’s been waiting patiently for the day his father’s family would claim him. Sadly, he never got to know his late billionaire dad. Now that he’s been invited to the West Coast to meet his high-profile half-siblings, life is good. Burke’s paternal grandmother is determined to make Burke feel welcome, but announcing to the public that there is a long-lost member of the Benton family will be tricky. Luckily, the matriarch is savvy about releasing potentially scandalous information. All Burke has to do is lay low until the family announces him. What better place to avoid the spotlight than a sleepy town like Piney Falls?

Kimberly Krey’s exciting addition to her Benton Brothers Romance Collection is sure to strike the right chord with lovers of unlikely matches. This carefully crafted, sweet romance will make the most urban of hearts crave a shady spot on the front porch in small town America. Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and a harvest festival are the backdrop for this heartfelt holiday fake engagement tale. Sins of omission and outright lies pepper the plot and offer a little gentle intrigue. Genuinely likeable characters allow the reader to invest in the romance, but a detail at the beginning of the story might be off-putting for some animal-lovers. Overall, this delightfully clean yet still tingly love story will leave the reader wishing for Fall and that perfect someone to share it with.

Starling Gray