Bella Cigna – Foreign Endearments, Book 1


In the midst of a divorce that blindsided her, Sara moves to Italy to teach English in a girl’s Catholic school. Overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Italy, she is befriended by a partying math whiz and a match-making nun. She is dismayed to feel an instant attraction to Eduardo, a student’s father, until she discovers he is divorced. Sarah finds herself afraid to reach out and grasp the affection Eduardo offers because she can’t face more heartbreak caused by her infertility issues. Will the two lovers be able to build a relationship and have the family they both want, or will their past failures and current insecurities stand in their way?

“Bella Cigna” is a modern love story filled with leaps of faith and second chances. Readers will enjoy Sarah’s love for a good cup of tea and the gooey deliciousness of Chocotella! The story is a slow-paced ride with a few bumps of drama, small spurts of humor, and a predictable but satisfying conclusion. The romance is the familiar lust/love at first sight with little bit of substance. The old and new friendships may come across as one-sided, because characters seem to only serve the purpose of helping Sarah step outside of her comfort zone with little reciprocation on her part. The love scenes won’t elicit any blushes; however, a semi-graphic assault may be uncomfortable for some readers. The Italian phrases and sight-seeing forays help provide charm, giving the story a delightful spin. Ms. Dass pens a nice story about a woman’s journey placing her on the road of self-discovery leading her to the life she has always wanted.

Tonya Mathenia