Beefcake & Cupcakes

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Lara Cavallo is a good girl – responsible, nice and she makes cupcakes. She never did anything impetuous, or at least until recently. At her friend’s bachelorette party there was this man, you see, and it seems as if something happened between them – no other reason to wake up in his bed naked, after all. Unused to such a situation, she makes a strategic retreat. Of course, fickly fate can’t resist but throw them together again.
Gage Tomlinson  is the owner of Beefcake, Inc., an exotic male dancer group. It’s not a career conducive to relationships; women eventually get jealous. Of course, there’s the fact that he works two full-time jobs in order to pay his nephew’s surgery. So, he’s not looking for anything long term. But, when he sees Lara again, his cupcake lady, he simply can’t resist her.
Great book, but be prepared to get sudden cravings for cupcakes! Lara and Gage are a great couple, one that truly deserves all the best. There were a lot of memorable moments in the book, and the relationship is truly well portrayed, including all the not-so-nice stuff. The only tiny blight is Lara’s insecurities. True she had her reasons, but after the umpteenth time she pushed Gage away, it got a bit irritating. Still, even that simply couldn’t destroy the awesomeness that is “Beefcake and Cupcakes”!  
A story well worth reading, delightfully amazing and, oh yeah – very sweet!!
Ana Smith