Beefcake and Mistakes


Jenna Corrigan moved back to her hometown in order to give her three year old song, Trevor, a decent life.  It has been a struggle, especially without any support from her family or the father.  She also holds a secret.  She promised her sister Mindy on her deathbed that she would raise Trevor as her own and she’s determined to keep that promise.  Legally he is her son and she'll never let him go.

Bryan Lassiter is in for the biggest surprise of his life when he runs into a small boy who looks just like him. He is even more surprised to have no recollection of ever meeting the mother before and decides to get to the bottom of this mystery.  Jenna fears Bryan will prove to be his biological father and will take Trevor away from her.  Her only defense is to continue pretending to be his biological mother and work out some arrangement.  What neither of them expects is to fall in love. How can Jenna tell him the truth now?
What starts out as a chance meeting between Bryan and Trevor becomes an intriguing situation that catches the reader by surprise. Unfortunately the story begins to fall flat quickly as the unbelievable situations and choices pile up. Many are so out of the realm of common sense, it’s impossible to buy in and believe. Even the hot chemistry between Jenna and Bryan is simply not enough to overcome the tangle. The story does pick up further in, allowing the reader to become more sympathetic to the characters but unfortunately, it’s not enough to make a huge impact in the overall feel.

Margaret Faria