BECKONED, Part 1: From London with Love


Angela Holguín is a boisterous young woman studying abroad in Barcelona when she meets the shy and reserved Soren Lund.  Opposites definitely attract, but with their differences, neither of them is willing to make a move on their ever-increasing attraction to each other.  It will take a lot for them to finally see eye to eye.  As they are drawn together, mistakes from Angela’s past and Soren’s stubborn nature may keep them from their ‘happily ever after’.  They will have to work together to resolve these issues, or live with the regret of what could have been.

Ms. Vaughn does a lovely job sweeping readers into the romantic and picturesque settings of Barcelona and London.  With amazing characters such as Angela, Soren, and a wonderful supporting cast, the reader cannot help but root for the star couple to resolve their dilemmas.  

"Beckoned" story starts off great! Unfortunately, the plot’s conflict meets resolution halfway through the book.  After this, readers are left with a decadent romance lived vicariously through Angela.  A watery ‘conflict’ between Angela and her past relationship occurs in the last half, but it does not have much bearing on the plot conflict from the first half.  In addition, there is a lot of sexual build up, but readers must buy the next book in order to find the resolution to the tension. All in all this is a sweet romance, and certain readers may be completely fine waiting to finish Angela and Soren’s romance in the next book.

MB Rose