Beautiful Lies

Paula Dombrowiak

Lake Kennedy, 43, works hard to further her career in finance, to ensure her daughter, Noelle, 17, is happy, and to guard her heart from another disastrous relationship. Adrian Corbin, 31, works hard and plays hard, and knows he wants the sexy woman who walks into the bar while he and his band are playing. Arizona's monsoon season has nothing on the stormy, heated sexual liaison the two share without exchanging names or numbers. However, their one-night stand is rendered moot when they are introduced at their sisters' wedding rehearsal dinner, and the sparks continue to ignite a passion they cannot ignore. Lake and Adrian embark on a reverse-age gap love affair, filled with steamy sex and fun! Their only way to happily ever after will be if Lake is willing to confront and overcome her past demons and heartbreak.

"Beautiful Lies" is a scintillatingly sensual story of a single night's hook-up filled with hot, passionate adventure turning into something unexpected. Readers are taken on a wonderfully emotional rollercoaster ride perpetuating some MILF and cougar stereotypes. However, Lake and Adrian produce enough white-fire chemistry to bring forth thunder and lightning, and keep the pages burning! Oops! Pages turning! Their families and friends are kept on a need-to-know until everyone knows all. The obstacles and insecurities inherent in their affair provide the angst, and romance readers will salivate over from one chapter to the next. Well-known for her rocky rock star entanglements filled with discordant tunes turning into harmonious ballads of love, sex, and music, author Paula Dombrowiak does not disappoint her fans with this tale of "Beautiful Lies" becoming a beautiful truth to sing about!

Tonya Mathenia