Batter Up


Buttermilk Falls, New York is the setting.  A small-time quaint town, Buttermilk Falls has one bakery, with a fun Monday night event for bachelors only called “Batter Up”. When a lucky bachelor is chosen, the name of an eligible bachelorette who is a good match, appears in the cupcake batter. This is a spell that two cousins have been taught by their mothers, who learned from their grandmother. Once the name appears the gents have an extra boost of confidence to act upon it. This has been going on for some time with some great results. Thus, when a Miami Herald reporter named Jason hears of it, he must go to the source and see for himself to get the scoop for a great article. Eva and Emma must keep the reputation of the bakery’s spell a secret, and convince Jason to drop the story.


Ms. Neeley has created a light-hearted, warm and fun romance with “Batter Up”.

The tempo and plot of the story, although a bit predictable, is deftly written and a pleasurable tale. There is a good balance between the main characters and their supporting cohorts. The story is one of a bit of fantasy yet not too far-fetched to blend in with modern time. Subtlety is key in this tale of magical love and all the threads are nicely sewn up for a wonderful conclusion. Readers will want to grab a cupcake and then add Ms. Neeley to their list of favorites!


Julie Caicco