Bachelor’s Marriage

Akshat Pradeep

Sujay is a typical boy who lives in Pune, India. He has a group of friends with whom he hangs out, and everyone has a girlfriend - except him. He has always liked Jyoti, the girl chosen for him by his family, but never thought of her as a girlfriend. Then one day there is a terrible accident and Sujay literally saves the life of another girl, named Gunjan. He strikes up a friendship with her and falls in love, even though he's pretty sure he also loves Jyoti.  What’s a boy to do? He knows he must make a decision but is finding it difficult, to say the least. 


This is a thought-provoking novel with a definite Indian flair. The reader can feel the ambiance of India and see how different it is from American culture. Unfortunately, the reader has to work too hard to pull the full richness out of this tale. Many unfamiliar terms are used in reference to their religion, so a non-Hindi reader can easily get lost in these passages. There are also full conversations held in Hi-Hindi and no translation is given, so the reader feels like an outsider. A glossary of terms would be useful to guide the reader through this piece. The subject matter is remarkable but conveyed in poor English. That being said, author Akshat Pradeep Solanki has written interesting characters with depth that realistically portray the angst felt by teenagers, no matter their religion or culture.


Belinda Wilson