Autumn Deception

N. Jade

Sierra Scott’s job is consuming her life, and her grandmother has had enough. All of a sudden, Sierra finds herself on an unplanned—but much needed—vacation. Sierra and her grandmother, Cora, are spending their free time in Harts Valley with Cora’s friend, Carla, and together the two older woman are working hard to turn Sierra’s vacation into whole new outlook on life, filled with everything she has been missing, including a chance at love. Unfortunately, changes aren’t easy, and the past is about to rear its head in unexpected and dangerous ways. Can Sierra and her new relationship with town sheriff, Cade Collins, make it through the storm heading their way? Or is her new found freedom about to be stolen away before she even gets the chance to enjoy it?  

This book is filled with laughter, love, mystery, and intrigue, and is a comfortable and relaxing read that will be sure to leave one happy! The reader is treated to a classic love story featuring a small town sheriff and a high powered businesswoman. While the story might be familiar it is not repetitive, and readers won’t be left with a sense of been-there, read-that, with this one. Fans of sweet love stories where the good guy never gives up are in the right place with this tale! Prepare to be treated to a love story with some spicy grannies and some high pressure action that is sure to get your pulse racing in more than one way!

Valerie Vicars