Any Way You Want It (The Upper Crust Series Book 5)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Chloe is a little cautious when it comes to getting close to people. Moose wants to get closer to her; a successful businessman, he wants to get to know the ice cream shop manager better. He gets his chance when Chloe's ex comes into town and she tells him that Moose is her fiancé. Moose decides to take this opportunity to prove to Chloe that they'd be great together and get her to give him a chance. Will Moose be able to convince Chloe?

Every so often, a book comes along that is enjoyable, comfy and memorable, and "Any Way You Want It" is one of those books. Moose is a lovable rogue type with what can only be described as a cheeky side to him. Chloe is someone who has been through a lot and deserves happiness, which is what readers will be hoping for throughout this book. The plot is fun and the book has warmth, wrapping the reader up on a cozy blanket. The one drawback was the lack of description in several places. However, Monique McDonnell has paved the way for readers to check out her other books. A lovely read. 

Lynn-Alexandra McKendrick